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Tintuppa Nursery 2011 Catalogue

 NativeAssorted Species Grasses

WA Native Indicates WA Native

Species Description
Carex appressa                                 Tall Sedge WA Native Large ornamental tussock grass 80cm x 60cm. Attractive with large yellow seed heads in springs. Tolerant of very wet and dry conditions.
Carex flagellifera                        Graceful, weeping ornamental. Forms clumps of fine curled bronze foliage to 60cm. Well drained moist soil in shade or part sun.
Carex morrowii                        Variegated Japanese Sedge Hardy clump forming sedge 30cm x 45cm. Rich green leaves with white stripes. Very adapable but prefers moist conditions. Full sun or shade. Rockeries and boggy sites. Frost tolerant.
Carex tereticaulis WA Native Large clumping grass, permanently and seasonally wet areas. Tall brown flowering spikes. Used in basket making.
Cymbopogon ambigus       WA Native Hardy tufted perenial that forms erect slender tussocks to 1m. Attractive seed heads in summer. Will tolerate dry rocky areas.
Festuca glacuca                              Blue Fescue Hardy, tufting grass to 15cm with blue green foliage. Borders, rockeries or group plantings among low shrubs.
Isolepis cernua                                 Fairy Lights Tufted grass like plant to 30cm with weeping foliage. Tiny star like flowrs most of the year. Shady but well lit, moist situation.
Isolepis nodosa                           Knotted Clubrush WA Native Ornamental tufted weeping rush to 1m. Very hardy, damp areas, also binding in sandy soils. Good for stream revegetation, dams and large ponds.
Juncus pallidus                                 Tube Rush WA Native Clumping rush for seasonally wet areas, stream or dam banks. Very hardy, grows up to 2m x2m. Flowers in late spring and summer. 
Juncus kraussii                                 Sea Rush WA Native Clumping rush 1m x 1m, wet areas, bog ponds, river banks and wetlands. Suitable for saline areas. 
Lomandra longifolia                           Spinney headed Matt Rush Graceful, ornamental large tussock grass like plant 1m x 1m. Creamy spikes of fragrant flowers in spring. Most soils including moist areas. Frost resistant.
Poa labillardieri                              Large Tuock Grass Large hardy perennial attractive grass to 80cm x 80cm. Grey green leaves. Tolerates most conditons including wet areas. Borders, pond gardens.
Poa porphyroclados WA Native Large densely tufted perenial to 1m. Will tolerate dry conditions, hardy.

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