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Tintuppa Nursery 2011 Catalogue

 NativeAssorted Species Grasses

All of the Assorted Species listed below are available in 

100mm deep square pots priced $7.00 each
 125mm round pots priced $5.00 each


100mm deep square pots

Acmena smithii                                     Alyogyone huegelii                                                    Eucalyptus nicholii                                 Eucalyptus torquata                                                    Grevillea robustsa                            Hymenosporum flavum                                                    Kunzea baxterii                                                    Leptospermum petersonii                         Macrozami                                           Paulownia                             

All plants are 30cm -60cm in height with well developed root systems.

Other species may be available

Please refer to main catalogue for descriptions.

125mm round pots

Correa 'Dusky Bells'                                                 Brachscome multifida                                                 Myoporum parvifolium                                                       Viola hederacea

Ornamental low growing attractive shrubs or groundcovers are selected for these pots. Other species may be available 


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