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Tintuppa Nursery 2018 Catalogue

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WA Native Indicates WA Native

Species Description
Melaleuca armillaris                     Bracelet Honey Myrtle Bushy shrub to 5m with dark green leaves and small whitle bottlebrush flowers in late sprind and autumn. Excellent windbreak, hardy tolerates salt soils, lime, dryness coastal exposure frost. Fast growing.
Melaleuca cuticularis                           Saltwater Paper Bark WA Native Erect shrub or small tree to 10m. Outstanding speciman plant, attractive twisted trunk and bark. Creamy white flowers late spring to early summer. Tolerates salt spray, saline conditions and swampy areas. 
Medaleuca diosmifolia                     Green Honey Myrtle WA Native Dense upright shrub to 3m. Large green bottlebrush flowers, attractive foliage. Tolerates dryness and lime. Frost tender when young.
Melaleuca ericifolia                        Swamp Paper Bark Bushy shrub or tree to 6m with dark green linear foiage. Masses of creamy white flowers in spring and summer. Tolerates salt soils, lime, frost, boggy conditions, coastal exposure and pollution.
Medaleuca fulgens                         Scarlet Honey Myrtle WA Native Rounded shrub 1.5 x 1.5m. Rich red and gold tipped bottlebrush flowers over a long period spring early summer. Well drained soils, full sun will withstand dry conditions.
Melaleuca huegelii                        Chenille Honey Myrtle WA Native Everygreen medium shrub, good screening plant. Profuse spikes of creamy flowers in summer. Well drained soils, in full sun, resistant to salt spray and tolerates lime.
Melaleuca incana                              Grey Honey Myrtle WA Native Graceful woolly shrub to 2.5m with weeping branches and feathery grey green leaves.  Numerous pastel yellow brush flowers in spring. Bird attracting. Tolerates wet, swampy areas.
Melaleuca lanceolata                  Rottnest Island Tea Tree WA Native Varialbe shrub or small tree to 7m. Creamy white flowers in spring and summer. Most soils, resistant to salt spray. Hardy screen or windbreak. Full sun.
Melaleuca laterita                           Robin Red Breast WA Native Hardy beautiful shrub to 2m. Aromatic, light green foliage. Many large orange red flowers in summer through to early winter. Any soil. Usually frost resistant. Windbreak or screening.
Melaleuca linariifolia                        Snow in Summer Shapely bushy tree to 8m with soft fine foliage, cream coloured papery bark. Fluffy white brushes of flowers cover the plant in summer. Most soils, tolerates salt soil, lime, witness, dryness pollution and usually frost.
Melaleuca megacephla WA Native Ornamental, dense upright shrub to 2.5m. Large yellow dense ball flowers in spring. Sunny well drained positions. Tolerates dryness and lime.
Melaleuca microphylla WA Native Fast growing hardy rounded shrub to 2-3m. Cream flowers in spring. Extensively cultivated for dense screening, hedging. Coastal conditions, suited to most soils and aspects.
Melaleuca nesophila                        Showy Honey Myrtle WA Native Large bushy shrub to 4m with papery bark and grey green leaves. Abundant pinksih-mauve pom pom flowers in spring and summer. Most soils, good drainage. Tolerates salt soil, lime dryness and pollution. Frost tender when young.
Melaleuca pressiana                     Swamp Paperbark WA Native Large shrub or medium tree to 6m. Short thick trunk, papery bark and needle like foliage. Cream flower spikes in spring. Tolerates waterlogged coastal conditions.
Melaleuca pulchella                           Claw Flower WA Native Small shrub to 1m with spreading arching branches. Mauve-pink claw shaped flowers in spring and summer. Most soils. Tolerates lime, dryness wetness and usually frost resistant.
Melaleuca quinquenervia         Broadleaved Paperbark Medium to tall tree to 12m with thick papery bark. Creamy bottlebrush flowers in summer and autumn. Tolerates salt soil, coastal exposure and moist brackish sites. Frost tender when young.
Melaleuca raphiophylla                  Swamp Paperbark WA Native Large shrub to medium sized tree. For waterlogged coastal areas. Papery trunk. Cream flowers in spring.
Melaleuca scabra                           Rough Honey Myrtle WA Native Low growing shrub to 1m. Masses of bright deep pink terminal flowers with gold tips in spring. Well drained soil in a sunny open position. Tolerates frost.
Melaleuca spathulata WA Native Small shrub to 1.5m with soft grey foliage. Deep pink heads of flowers in spring. Well drained soils. Hardy, tolerates wetness and dryness. Frost resistant.
Melaleuca styphelloides                  Prickly Paperbark Small to medium tree with beautiful white to tan papery bark. Large number of cream flowers in late spring summer. Any soils and most conditions. Tolerates dryness and frost.
Melaleuca thymifolia                           Thyme Honey Myrte WA Native Fast growing, spreading compact shrub to 1m. Deep mauve fringed flowers along stem in spring and summer. Moist conditions preferred by will tolerate dry periods and frost.
Melaleuca violacea WA Native Small flat topped shrub or ground cover, with small attractive leaves and violet flowers in spring. Most soils, tolerates wetness and dryness, lime and frost.

Mirbelia dilatata  WA Native Shrub 2-3m with prickly foliage and blue-purple pea flowers in late spring. Hardy in well drained soil. Frost resistant and bird attracting.
Paraserianthes lopantha                  Albizia WA Native Fast growing small tree up to 8m with soft fern like foliage and scented small bottlebrush flowers in autumn through spring. Most soils. Tolerates wetness. Shade or screen for new gardens.
Pultenaea villosa WA Native Pendulous small spreading shrub 1 x 2m. Yellow pea flowers in spring. Hardy plant, well drained soil.
Templetonia retusa                              Cocky's Tongue WA Native Round spreading shrub to 2m. Abundant scarlet pink flowers in winter. Sunny well drained soil. Expsed coastal gardens. Lime tolerant and frost hardy.
Viminaria juncea                              Swish Bush WA Native Ornamental small tree like shrub. Slender leafless branches and seeping habit. AYellow pea flowers along branches spring and ealy summer. Moist soils. Frost resistant.

Viola hederacea                                 Native voilet 

Ground cover, spreading moist shady conditons, or hanging baskets. Small white and voilet flowers most of the year. 

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