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WA Native Indicates WA Native

Species Description
Eucalyptus caesia                  Gungurru    WA Native Ornamental tree to 8m, with beautiful brown bark with green grooves. Pink flowers in winter and spring. Well drained soils. Tolerates lime and smog. Frost resistant.
Eucalyptus caesia                                    'Silver Princess" WA Native  Small ornamental tree to 8m, weeping silvery branches, large deep pink flowers. Well drained soils. Tolerates lime, pollution and dryness.
Eucalyptus calophylla                        Marri WA Native Medium sized rough barked tree to 20m. Dense crown. White flowers in summer. Most soils. Frost hardy.
Eucalyptus camaldulensis                  River Red Gum WA Native Large spreading tree to 30m. Attractive creamy white bark. Heavy clay soils. Withstands waterlogging and drought.
Eucalyptus cinerea                        Argyle Apple Ornamental tree to12m, attractive blue-grey foliage. Small white flowers spring/summer. Most soils. Dryness, frost hardy, wind breaks.
Eucalyptus citriodora                     Lemon-scented Gum Tall slender tree to 20m, white or pink smooth bark. Most soils, tolerates dryness and wet conditions. Good for large gardens.
Eucalyptus cladocalyx                     Sugar Gum Tall tree to 25m with spreading crown and white flowers in summer. Hardy, fast growing in most soils and conditions. Tolerates drought and lime. Shade and shelter.
Eucalyptus cladocalyx                     Dwarf Sugar Gum A small bushy tree. Dwarf characteristic diminishes as site improves. Tolerates dryness, alkaline soils, salt soils and smog. Frost resistant.
Eucalyptus cornuta                              Hill Yate WA Native Medium sized rough bark ornamental tree. Useful shade tree, tolerates drought, lime and salt soil. Native to hills behind Busselton
Eucalyptus diversicolor                     Karri WA Native Large tree to 70m, with smooth greyish bark. Deep soils, high rainfall areas. Frost tender when young. Timber tree.
Eucalyptus erythrocorys          Illyarrie/Red Cap WA Native Small tree to 4m, bright red buds, large yellow flowers. Most well drained soils. Tolerates lime, drought, pollution and salt soils.
Eucalyptus erythronema                     Red Flowering Mallee WA Native Small slender tree, white trunk and red, pink or white flowers in summer. Well drained soils. Tolerates lime and drought. Frost resistant 
Eucalyptus ficifolia                                       Red flowering Gum   WA Native 

Small to medium tree to 10m with dense crown of dark green foliage. White, pink or red flowers in summer. Thrives on well-drained coastal position. Tolerates dryness, frost tender when young.

Eucalyptus forrestiana                     Fushia Gum WA Native Small, bushy ornamental tree to 5m. Long lasting bright red grooved buds and nuts, yellow flowers in summer. Most soils. Tolerates salt soils, lime and drought. Coastal gardens and cut flower production.
Eucalyptus globulas                  Tasmanian Blue Gum Large tree 30m with a tall straight trunk. Large creamy clowers in winter and spring. Deep well drained soils, will grow in heavy soils. Frost resistant.
Eucalyptus gomphocephala               Tuart WA Native Medium to large tree. Winbreak or shade. Tolerates coastal exposure, drought, salt lime and smog.
Eucalyptus grandis                           Rose Gum Tall erect tree to 50m with smooth white bark. Fast growing ornamental shade tree. Most soils. Timber.
Eucalyptus kruseana                     Bookleaf Mallee WA Native Small 2-3m shrub, keep pruned to promote thick new growth. Blue grey foliage used in floral arrangements. Easy to grow in dry areas, well drained soils.
Eucalyptus laeliae                              Darling Range Ghost Gum  WA Native Medium sized tree with white bark. Good small shade tree, masses of cream flowers in summer. Well drained soils. Tolerates drought and light frost.
Eucalyptus lehmannii                           Bushy Yate WA Native Dense rounded mallee to 6m. Large clusters of green flowers winter and spring followed by large spiky fruit.  Excellent screen plant, well drained soils, tolerates salt and drought. Fire resistant.
Eucalyptus leucoxylon                     Rosea Small to medium tree to 10m. White, pink or red flowers from autumn to summer. Most soils. Tolerates salt, lime, drought and frost.
Eucalyptus loxopheleba                     York Gum WA Native Tree 6-12m, well branched crown. Creamy white sweet smelling flowers in spring. Low rainfall areas. A hardy drought and frost resistant tree. Most soils, including saline.
Eucalyptus maculata                     Spotted Gum Tall tree to 40m. Straight trunk with attractive brown spotted smooth bark. Prolific white flowers in winter and spring. Most soils. Tolerates lime, salt and smog.
Eucalyptus marginata                     Jarrah WA Native Tall straight trunked tree to 40m. Persistent fibrous bark, abundant white flowers in spring. Well drained soils, tolerates dryness and light frost.
Eucalyptus megacarpa                     Bullich WA Native Small to medium tree with smooth white bark and a dense crown. Tolerates swampy soils, dry areas and moderate frosts.
Eucalyptus nicholii                  Peppermint Gum Medium tree to 20m, with a weeping habit and narrow leaves. Excellent speciman. Most soils, but well drained. Hardy to frosts and will withstand dryness.
Eucalyptus patens                              Blackbutt WA Native Large tree to 25m beautiful weeping habit, prefers moist soils but not waterlogged. Tolerates frost.
Eucalyptus platypus                        Round-leaved Moort WA Native Tall shrub or small tree, bushy crown. Most soils. Excellent windbreak, tolerates salt foils, lime light frost dryness. Fast growing.

Eucalyptus pressianna
Bell Fruited Mallee
WA Native Small tree to 4m. Smooth bark and thick oblong leaves to 11cm. Bright yellow flowers in spring. Excellent ornamental, prune to shape. Well-drained soils.
Eucalyptus pulverulenta Small twisted tree to 8m. Young and adult leaves silvery grey. Good foliage contrast and for floral arrangements. Well-drained soil. Frost tolerant.
Eucalyptus robusta
Swamp Mahogany
Medium tree to 15m with thick dark green leaves. Tolerates salt soils, severe costal exposure, heavy sodden conditions and frost.
Eucalyptus rudis
Flooded Gum
WA Native Tall fast growing tree with white flowers in spring. Low lying moist areas. Soil and sand binder and water absorber. Tolerates light frost.
Eucalyptus salmonopholoia            Salmon Gum WA Native Large open tree to 25m with salmon coloured smooth bark and glistening green leaves. Well drained soils. Tolerates drought, lime salt and light frost. Shelter, shade timber and ornamental
Eucalyptus salubris                        Gimlet WA Native Medium tree to 15m, shining smooth light brownish trunk and shiny green leaves. White flowers. Well drained soils. Tolerates drought, salt and frost. Winbreak, shelter and ornamental value.


Eucalyptus sargentii
Sargent's Mallet
WA Native Small to medium tree, spreading crown, greenish white flowers in spring. Tolerates salt soil, drought, lime, waterlogging. Fire retardant.
Eucalyptus sideroxylon
Red Ironbark
  Medium tree to 15m. Clusters of pink flowers in autumn. Hardy tree that will tolerate extended dry periods and frosts.
Eucalyptus spathulata
Swamp Mallet
WA Native Small tree with fine foliage and attractive trunk. Most soils. Tolerates lime, salt soils and waterlogging.
Eucalyptus torquata
Coral Gum
WA Native Small tree to 10m. Clusters of distinctive red buds with white to deep pink flowers in spring and summer. Light to medium soils. Tolerates salt soils, lime and drought. Frost tender when young.
Eucalyptus wandoo                     Wandoo WA Native Medium tree to 20m with long narrow leaves and smooth mottled bark. White flowers, well drained soil. Tolerates dryness, lime and light frost. Ornamental shade tree.
Eucalyptus woodwardii                        Lemon flowered Gum WA Native Ornamental medium sized tree, with large showy yellow flowers in winter and spring. Sandy or heavy soil. Frost tolerant.
Grevillea robusta                              Silky Oak Tall straight tree to20m with attractive fern-like foliage. Spectacular golden orange toothbrush flowers in spring. Well drained soil. Tolerates dryness and frost once established.
Guichenotia macrantha                     Purple Bells WA Native Dense rounded shrub to 1m with narrow grey green leaves. Showy purple bell flowers in winter and spring. Most soils,  but needs good drainage.
Hakea laurina                           Pincushion Hakea WA Native Small tree or shrub to 6m. Wonderful large rounded crimson and cream ball flowers autumn and winter. Well drained soils. Usually frost resistant.
Hakea lissocarpha                           Honey Bush WA Native Low small spreading shrub. Dense habit with prolific white to pink flowers in winter. Well drained soil. Tolerates dryness and frost.
Hakea petiolaris                                          Sea Urchin Halea WA Native Tall shrub to 5m with attractive leaves. Purplish and cream pincushion flowers in autumn and winter. Most soils, tolerates lime and coastal conditions.
Hardinbergia comptoniana               Native Westeria WA Native Climber or ground cover. Purple pea flowers in spring. Well drained soils, tolerates lime and light frost.
Hymenosporum flavum                     Native Frangipani Medium tree to 15m. Clusters of pink flowers in autumn. Hardy tree that will tolerate extended dry periods and frosts.
Hypocalamma angustifolium               White Myrtle WA Native Small shrub to 1m, white or pink flowers in profusion late winter and spring. Well drained soils, tolerates lime and dryness.
Indigofera australia                                          Austral Indigo WA Native Fast growing upright shrub to 2m, with attractive blue green foliage. Fragrant sprays of mauve/purple pea flowers in late winter spring. Hardy shrub for well drainted soil.
Kennedia prostrata                              Running Postman WA Native Prostrate groundcover. Scarlet pea flowers in spring and early summer. Well drained position preferred but adaptable. Pioneer plant.

Kunzea baxterii                              Scarlet Kunzea WA Native Outstanding shrub to 3m. Beautiful, large crimson flowers winter to summer. Most soils. Frost resistant. Tolerates dryness.
Leptospermum petersonii                   Lemon Scented Tea Tree Dense large shrub to 4m with narrow aromatic leaves. Prolific flowers in spring. Well drained soils. Tolerates salt soils, lime and moderate frost.
Leptospermum polygalifolium           Jelly Bush Dense shrub, 2m x 2m, white tea  tree flowers in spring and early summer.  Hardy, frost resistant, most soils.
Leptospermum scoparium                  Manuka Mediium sized shrub, 2-3m   Profuse white tea tree flowers in the spring   Hardy, dry or waterlogged soils.   Frost resistant
Leptospermum squarrosum                  Pink Tea Tree Medium shrub to 2.5m. Profuse pale to deep pink flowers on old wood in autumn and winter. Moist well drained soils. Frost resistant.

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