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We are a Native Plant Nursery specialising in the growth of indigenous and provenance trees and shrubs.

We are located near Balingup, in the SW of Western Australia. We grow 35,000 tubes each year and 135 different species.


Tintuppa means "Plant Spirit"

Native Species are reliable and

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as they are naturally adapted to local conditions.

They also provide habitat and food for the native animals, birds and insects.

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cordoba We sell large and small mixed orders of square native tubes.


Tintuppa Catalogue
Browse through our latest catalogue to see the large variety of native trees, shrubs grasses and rushes we stock.

Western Australian Events

A list of the local events we attend.View Here

Drop in and look at the array of plants available on our stall at any one of these events.

Our plants are good sized, well developed and available at very reasonable prices.

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recycled spanish glass square plate We supply a large selection of quality Native Australian Plants, for use in small and large gardens, small blocks and farms and in the revegetation of remnant bush areas.

Assorted Species
We also stock native grasses, climbers, groundcover, shrubs and herbs View here

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1946 stromberg carlson For orders and general information contact:

Tintuppa Nursery
PO Box 85, BALINGUP WA 6253
Phone / Fax (08) 9764 1066
Email: plants@tintuppa.com  

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bird silencer
We also grow native species to order. Just tell us what you need! More info here

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